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morning-post-12_4_1792The “Morning Post and Daily Advertiser” newspaper of London, Dec. 4, 1792, has a report:

“A man in the county of Hereford advertises a Mare that has strayed, for which he offers a reward of Five Guineas. In the subsequent advertisement he advertises the elopement of his Wife, for the discovery of whom, he offers a reward of Five Shillings!”

The first newspaper printed in Hawaii…

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As was typical with the first newspaper publishing efforts in states and territories, the very first newspaper in Hawaii didn’t have great success. The SANDWICH ISLAND GAZETTE, published its first issue on July 30, 1836 and only lasted until 1839. Shortly after its demise came the SANDWICH ISLAND MIRROR & COMMERCIAL GAZETTE which lasted for less than a year. Although bearing a different name and issued monthly instead of weekly, it was essentially a continuation of the GAZETTE.

Early printing in the Hawaiian Islands were by missionaries, and the SANDWICH ISLAND GAZETTE was no exception. Some of the content has religious overtones, however there is much secular reporting and advertisements as well.

We are pleased to share with out collectors our July 8, 1837 issue of the SANDWICH ISLAND GAZETTE, the volume 1, number 50 issue. Newspapers from Hawaii in the 1830’s are virtually unheard of in the collector market today.


Contest: “In Search for the Unusual and Bizarre”…

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gold_nuggetsBack by popular demand…  A History’s Newsstand Blog contest…

“In Search for the Unusual and Bizarre”

Have you ever discovered an unusual or bizarre report while perusing a rare and early newspaper?  If so, our members would love to hear about it.  From March 2nd through March 9th we will be accepting your contributions/discoveries.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be offered for the most unusual/bizarre postings.  To enter the contest simply find your most bizarre report and enter it as a comment to this post.  Only one entry may be submitted per person. Please include the title and date of the issue along with the report (or a summary of the report if it is long).

prospectorHow will the winners be determined? Anyone may “vote” on their favorite choice starting March 10th – only one vote per person please.  To vote, submit your selection by e-mail to guy@rarenewspapers.com.  Choices must be made by the end of the day on 3/13/2009.  Each Rare Newspapers’ staff member will also have one vote.  The winners will be announced through the blog and by personal e-mail sometime during the week of 3/16/2009.

What will the winner receive? Winners will have their stories recognized on the blog, will receive a Rare Newspapers gift certificate worth $100 (1st place), $50 (2nd place), and $25 (3rd place), and will have the satisfaction of knowing they contributed to the enhancement of the rare newspapers collectible community.

You may want to view some of our own unusual/bizarre discoveries to help get you started. These are not eligible for the contest.  They may be viewed at:  http://blog.rarenewspapers.com/?cat=116

Please don’t hesitate.  Share your bizarre or unusual report with the world!

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