This is the official blog of Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers, a dealer in rare & historic newspapers for more than 30 years.  We currently serve as consultants to the Freedom Forum and the American Antiquarian Society, and are members of the Ephemera Society of America. Our issues have been or are on display at The Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pa., The Stephen Decatur House Museum, Disney World, the Newseum, and the Smithsonian (as well as many other historical museums throughout the country), and are found hanging on the walls of the Supreme Court. We are acknowledged as one of the top collectors and dealers of original and historic newspapers in the world. With one of the largest and most comprehensive newspaper inventories to be found anywhere, our rare newspapers have been featured in books, movies and magazines. Every item offered is guaranteed to be absolutely genuine and as described – no reprints or reproductions of any kind.  For more information about historic newspapers, read our frequently asked questions (FAQ).


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The Authors

The History’s Newsstand Blog is primarily authored by Tim Hughes and Guy Heilenman. Tim is the founder of Rare Newspapers. He bought his first newspaper — an 1826 Philadelphia paper — for $3 at a flea market in 1975. Guy is the president and general manager of Rare Newspapers and oversees the day-to-day operations and management of the business. Together, Hughes and Heilenman are part of a team considered to be a leading authority on rare and historic newspapers. The Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, the Robb Report, The Financial Times (London) and many other scholarly and historically-themed publications have either written about or consulted Rare Newspapers regarding the hobby.

Blog and Comment Policy

The heart behind the History’s Newsstand Blog published by Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers is to provide an environment where the love and knowledge of the hobby will be advanced. We welcome and encourage relevant comments and discussion, but fully expect participants to be respectful and considerate of the authors and our business. We reserve the right to moderate, delete or edit comments that are vulgar, disrespectful, spam, clearly off topic, or that promote other services and products. Please refrain from posting your own web address or links to your own collection (without prior permission). Thank you.

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