October Newsletter from Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers…

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Welcome to the October 2023 edition of our monthly newsletter. This month we are featuring a custom 3-century set, an amazing array of new catalog items, a free issue, a new assemblage of discounted issues (at 50% off), and links to recent posts on our History’s Newsstand Blog. We hope you enjoy.

3-Issue Set Spanning 3 Centuries – a unique opportunity to own authentic newspapers from any month and day of your choice – covering three centuries!

“3-Issue Set Spanning 3 Centuries”

New Items Added to Catalog #335 – Since Catalog #335 went to print we’ve added nearly 50 additional issues – another 30+ yesterday. Some of the topics/titles include: a terrific issue on the Battle of Gettysburg, a famous Homer print (“Flirting on the Sea-Shore, and on the Meadow”), Karl Marx as a newspaper reporter, a Mormon periodical from Denmark, a rare title from the Dakota Territory, feature on jazz musician Ornette Coleman (Grammy and Pulitzer Prize winner), the historic 1912 Women’s Suffrage Parade (in New York City), a pamphlet on King James’ dissenters on his Declaration of Indulgence (Freedom of Religion), a plea for separation of church & state in America (1768), “Back Number Budd’s” great loss, and more. The entire list of new items may be viewed at:

Catalog 335’s “New Items”

Discounted Newspapers (50% off) – Over 100 items have been added to last month’s set of discounted issues. The prices shown reflect the discount.

Discounted Issues

Free Newspaper (no obligation to buy) – This month we are offering up to 25 free newspapers (while supplies last). All we ask is for you to cover the S&H ($10 if the order does not include anything else, $1 if purchased with at least one additional newspaper). There is a limit of one per collector. The issue may be viewed and/or purchased at:

Free Newspaper

The Entire October Catalog:

Catalog #335 – All Items

Recent Posts to the History’s Newsstand Blog:

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As always, thanks for collecting with us!
Guy Heilenman & The Rare & Early Newspapers Team

WNEP TV turns the spotlight on Rare & Early Newspapers…

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A Northeastern Pennsylvania television station (WNEP) recently highlighted Tim Hughes and the Rare & Early Newspapers efforts to serve the world-wide collectible community. Although brief, any opportunity for Tim to share his love for the hobby is a bonus.

Millions of newspapers for sale in Lycoming County (PA)

The end of the world… false alarm…

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A few years ago several collectors contacted us wondering if the end of the Rare & Early Newspapers collectible was at hand.  They had just received news about Google’s newspaper digitizing project and wondered if this would lead to an end in people wanting to collect historic newspapers. “Might this be the end of the old newspaper’s collectible world?”  We tried to reassure them them that collecting the actual newspaper from the day it was 1st printed/read as compared to reading digitized versions is akin to eating an ice-cream sundae rather than looking at a picture of one.  No matter how perfect the picture of the sundae reproduces the look of an actual one, it can never compare to the real deal.  Apparently, time has proven this to be so.  2011 brought news from Google announcing the end of the digitizing project.  The date of the announcement is rather ironic.  Please read:

Google Announces End Of Newspaper Digitizing Project

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