Do Old and Antique Newspapers Have Any Collectible Value?

October 25, 2013 by  
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It is not often I travel to Yahoo for answers to some of the more meaningful questions of life: Where did we come from? What is the purpose of Life? Do old newspapers have value? However, I recently came upon a post on Yahoo Voices which did a decent job of handling this last question.  It begins:

You’ve Happened Upon a Stack of Old Newspapers…Some Have Historic Headlines! Are They Worth Anything?

Let face it, old newspapers don’t get much respect. In today’s world, they’re generally seen as material for the recycler. And years ago, many libraries simply tossed them out after converting them to micro or digital files. But do old or antique newspapers have any collectible value? The answer is a definite…maybe!

Newspapers have been around almost as long as the Gutenberg Press. And in general they’ve been seen as expendable–meant to be read a time or two and then thrown away, or used for fish wrap or some other convenient purpose. But newspapers also have tremendous historic value… (read more)

 (Unfortunately, the Yahoo article has since expired. If anyone has discovered great articles regarding the value of newspapers, please let us know and we’ll consider adding it. In the meantime, feel free to use the website for comparables.)

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704 Responses to “Do Old and Antique Newspapers Have Any Collectible Value?”

  1. Down on August 7th, 2018 10:08 am

    I have a newspaper from 1920

  2. GuyHeilenman on August 7th, 2018 11:40 am

    Hello Down – Sorry, but we do not monitor such questions from here. Please send us information regarding what you have to us at Thanks for your understanding.

  3. Grace Eckland on November 15th, 2018 4:31 pm

    I have newspapers, seems to be a series of front pages from 1861 and 1939 announcing Hitler’s invasion of Warsaw and the start of the war.

    How do I find out if they have any value?

  4. GuyHeilenman on November 21st, 2018 8:01 am

    Send details (exact titles, dates, and a few photos) to me at:

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