What was Happening 100 Years Ago – March 6, 1923…

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We frequently receive requests for “birthday newspapers” for friends and family of our collectors. Giving a person, young or old, a glimpse of the world as reported on the day they were born is certainly a convivial and thoughtful gift. Being a bit more creative, some gift-givers branch out and select an issue from 100 years prior to their birthdate in order to help the receiver capture a snapshot of life a century prior to their birth. With this on my mind today, I went looking for a common title people often select, the New York Times. In this particular instance (March 6, 1923), being smackdab in the middle of Prohibition, a sampling of the headlines included: “CITY WANTS WHISKY FOR HOSPITAL USE”, “MODERN PAUL REVERE WARNS OF LIQUOR RAID”, and “RUM-RUNNING ON THE SOUND”.  There was also an eclectic mix of other headlines which included: “LAUDS NEGRO EDUCATION”, “Harding Foresees Beneficent Results to Race and Nation”, “’Human fly’ FALLS 10 STORIES TO DEATH”, and “Harry F. Young, Scaling Martinique Hotel for a Movie Film, Misses His Grip”. Take a peek at this issue to see additional details regarding these stories and more.

With over 3-million newspapers within our archives, perhaps someday someone will send you a newspaper from the day you were born – or a 100-year prequel.

Medical marijuana! How about a prescription for beer?

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The controversy over medical marijuana is nothing new in attempts to circumvent the law for outlawed drugs. Shortly after Prohibition became the law of the land in 1919, the New York Times” reported in its Oct. 26, 1921 issue: “Beer As Medicine In Nine States Only” “New Treasury Regulations Inoperative in States Having Local Prohibition” “Thinks People of Nation Will Object When They See Drug Stores Handling Booze”. The article begins: “The brewers have several hurdles yet to make before medical beer is a reality…” with much more.Blog-10-10-2016-Beer-as-Medicine