“Bigfoot” in 1831…

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This article appeared in the “New Hampshire Gazette“, Portsmouth, on February 15, 1831. Apparently “bigfoot” legends have been around for many years:

The Civil War… 150 years ago… February 1, 1862…

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An ongoing reflection on the Civil War… 150 years prior to this post…

On February 1, 1862, the following issues were all held… and read… by those living during the American Civil War.  Feelings of fear, sorrow, and uncertainty were prevalent as readers searched for news which would provide a glimmer of hope that loved ones would be safe, the greater good would prevail, and soon all would be well.  Experience a glimpse of their world as you browse through the following:

Original Newspapers Read On February 1, 1862

“History is never more fascinating than when it’s read from the day it was first reported.”, Timothy Hughes, 1976

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