Roosevelt to blame for the Pearl Harbor attack…

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We often list on our website issues from the island of Guernsey during World War II when it was occupied by the Nazis.  As such all news is filtered through the German propaganda machine which offers interesting reading, as the reports are in English because the residents speak English.

Although many battles reports border on the absurd, particularly with historical hindsight, the front page report in the “Evening Press” dated December 8, 1941, one day after the Pearl Harbor attack, is one of the more outrageous (see the photo below).

“The Editor’s Dream”…

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Editor's_Dream_Nazis_QuitThrough the years of collecting one can come across some interesting newspapers. Even newspapers which didn’t exist.

One such newspaper was a tabloid-size issue titled “The Editor’s Dream” which has as a large banner headline: “NAZIS QUIT ! ” “Hitler Seized in Mountain Hideout: Nazi Chiefs Nabbed“.

This was obviously created at some point before the end of World War II, the only dated noted in the masthead being “September 31”, fictitious as well as September had only 30 days.  Note the front page photo of Adolph Hitler behind bars.

The left side of the masthead notes: “Vol. 1 No. 1” and I’m not sure if there was ever another issue published. If there were more I suspect the headlines would have reflected other “editor’s dreams”  relating to a hoped for early end to the war.