The Traveler… Tolstoy and Johnstone… smile please!

November 18, 2010 by  
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In today’s travels, “The Call” from San Francisco dated November 18, 1910, carried articles on two interesting men in history. The first is well known to most, that being Count Leo Tolstoy in which the reporting of his life was wavering with the doctors believing he was fighting his last battle.  It would be only a couple more days when the papers would be reporting of his death. The other may be one that is less know, Ralph Johnstone. He became a Wright Brothers exhibition pilot, set flight altitude records and the first pilot of the Wright team to die.  Johnstone fell 500 feet to his death during a flight in Denver which is reported in this issue.

I also found that the Post Office was facing problems at that time as well. Be careful of how much time you spend at the  post office as you just may be asked to say “cheese”!

~The Traveler

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