The End of an Era at Rare & Early Newspapers… Thanks Mike!

September 29, 2022 by  
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For nearly 20 years we were blessed to have Mike Hiller as an “active member” of our Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers family. His sense of humor delighted us daily, his attention to detail was second-to-none, and his work ethic and commitment to excellence were an inspiration to all who had the privilege of working with him. If you purchased a newspaper from us during his reign as “Warehouse Supervisor and Shipping Extraordinaire” you likely had a chance to see his handiwork. While he certainly made all of our lives easier, his greatest contribution was in his unofficial capacity as “Exemplary Role Model of Guy and Laura’s Children” – a task he took quite seriously. The top photo is of Mike taken on his last day of work, and the one shown below is of him with each of our kiddos – all who benefited from his example (he’s the one in the middle).


We pray you and your wife will thoroughly enjoy this next chapter of your lives – the so-called “retired phase”. Thank you for being you.

With love and respect,

Guy & Laura Heilenman

Although we are saddened to see this era come to an end, we are grateful Mike has agreed to accept a new position: “Occasional ‘Special Projects’ Guru”. The Rare & Early Newspaper’s world is not ready to cut the ties that bind.

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3 Responses to “The End of an Era at Rare & Early Newspapers… Thanks Mike!”

  1. Francis Xavier Hayes on October 1st, 2022 5:41 am

    Mike, While we’ve never met, I know I’ve benefitted from your work. I’ve often
    mused at the quality of packaging and
    materials I’ve received from Hughes Rare
    over the past two decades. Now I know who
    to thank, and do : “ Thanks Mike ! “
    The best part of Guy & Laura’s announcement
    was that offering you’ll now be a company
    “ consultant ! “ Congratulations. Yes, talent and encyclopedic knowledge like yours should not be relegated to darkness under the proverbial “ bushel basket, “ but remain accessible for whenever needed. Meanwhile, relish your now joining the ranks of the “ semis, “ the semi-retired !

  2. Marilee Hyman on October 26th, 2022 5:45 pm

    A long time ago your descriptions on newspapers included if there were ads or articles about cigars. I bought nearly ever one. Haven’t seen a cigar listing in a LONG time.
    Please…nearly everthing pre Civil War is of interest. Post CW I want articles not squibs.

  3. GuyHeilenman on November 1st, 2022 9:23 am

    We will do our best to mention these if we see them. What has changed since then is the increase in the breadth of what people are seeking: cigar ads, slave ads, seamstress related, wine ads, dentistry, and many more, making the searching for all of these at the price-point of the issues problematic. Our strategy instead has been to include more photos – but I understand photos are not text-searchable. Regardless, thanks for saying something.

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