Great Headlines Speak For Themselves… Black Dahlia found…

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The best headlines need no commentary. Such is the case with THE BOSTON POST, Massachusetts, January 17, 1947:  “FORMER MEDFORD GIRL FOUND SLAIN

Great Headlines Speak For Themselves… O.J. Simpson not guilty…

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The best headlines need no commentary. Such is the case with the LOS ANGELES TIMES, EXTRA, California, October 3, 1995: “Simpson Not Guilty, He Is Freed After 15 Months in Jail”

The Traveler… born to raise !%@#…

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Blog-7-18-2016-Richard-SpeckToday I traveled to New York City through The New York Times dated July 18, 1966. The headline was announcing “Suspect in 8 Killings to Get Hearing Today”. “Richard Franklin Speck, the suspect in the slaying of eight women in a nurses’ dormitory last Thursday, was under heavy guard today. Speck was taken into custody early this morning after he had been raced from a skid row hotel to Cook County Hospital for treatment of self-inflicted arm wounds in an attempted suicide… The police were guarding against a possible assassination attempt…”  

The surgeon caring for Speck’s wounds is the person that positively identified him and had the police called. Shortly before he saw Speck, he had read the newspaper article and saw his photo. “…I picked up his head and looked at the nurse to see if she had noticed. I said to her, ‘Get the paper.’ I remembered the tattoo… Born to Raise Hell… Then he moistened his finger tips and began rubbing the patient’s left arm and disclosed the tell-tale marking…”. Later Speck asked the doctor what he was going to do with the $10,000 reward.

~The Traveler

Presumed guilty… Lizzie given the ax by some before the end of the trial…

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Blog-4-25-2016-Lizzie-BordenIt can be interesting to read headlines in newspapers of past centuries and note quickly how politically incorrect publishers were, and how there was little concern to presume a defendant guilty in the press before a trial even began.

The renowned case of Lizzie Borden, accused of murdering her parents, found coverage in The Memphis Appeal-Avalanche” issue of August 30, 1892. Even during the inquest the newspaper was quick to include column heads, almost poetically presented: “About Miss Lizzie Borden” “Nearer and Nearer Looms the Gallows-Tree Before Her” “Clearer and Clearer It Appears She’s a Murderess” and more (see). In today’s world publishers are quick to use words such as “alleged”, or “accused of” which make no inference of guilt of innocence. Not so in the 19th century.


Great Headlines Speak For Themselves… death of Fatty Arbuckle…

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The best headlines need no commentary. Such is the case with the LOS ANGELES TIMES, June 29, 1933: “‘FATTY’ ARBUCKLE DIESFatty Arbuckle Death

Jack the Ripper… on Pinterest

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Jack the Ripper may very well be the most infamous serial killer in World History.  While others may have murdered more people, the terror he caused to what was arguably the most recognized city of the time is 2nd to none.  While authentic reports are hard to come by, The Times (London) did an excellent job of following the case.  At Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers we’ve put together a set of images which help to tell the story, arranged chronologically, as the readers of the day would have read about it.  I’d like to say enjoy…, but somehow such a term doesn’t sound fitting.  The images may be viewed via Pinterest at:  Jack the Ripper on Pinterest