Documenting an early reprint of the Ulster County Gazette…

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If the “infamous” “New York Herald” issue of April 15, 1865 is the most common reprint edition about which we receive phone calls and messages, then the “Ulster County Gazette” of January 4, 1800 has to be next in line.

The front page of a curious little periodical titled “Type of the Times” from Cincinnati, March 15, 1858, provides solid evidence of just how early the “Ulster County Gazette” was reprinted. I had known there were many editions as I’ve seen a multitude of variant issues on different qualities of newsprint–some on rag paper–but this is the first hard evidence of just how early at least one of the reprints was created:

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3 Responses to “Documenting an early reprint of the Ulster County Gazette…”

  1. C. F. William Maurer on August 14th, 2013 12:25 pm

    I do so enjoy the “Ulster Gazette!” One of the first historic houses I worked in had a framed copy of the Gazette and I brought up that this was a copy. This really impressed the people in charge. Another time I was researching in a library when the staff cleared an out of town branch and brought the “treasures” to where I was. Of course in the mix was a “Gazette.” I pointed out that it was a copy and there was silence. A week or so later I received a call that I was right,

    However, I disagree that it is worthless. It is a good paper to take to grade schools and talk about “source” material without worrying about it. Think of the number of issues printed and sold. Was it really to teach how to set up type? Why not. Also,it was issued for special Washington events. You don’t mind framing your copy and there are interesting articles besides Washington’s death. If you are going to collect the paper, make sure you have a copy or access to “The Ulster County Gazette and its Illegitimate Offspring” by R. W. C. Vail, New York Public Library, 1951 or Library of Congress Information Circular 1 (revised 1950) at ( And the most fun was when the Smithsonian had a picture of the Gazette at the top of their webpage and I pointed out to them that it was a picture of the copy. They acknowledged and corrected it. I do have a nice collection of the Gazette and enjoy them. The legit newspaper community doesn’t recognize the paper as a collectable but it is and might be for a number of folks – like me.

  2. lYNN MEEKS on November 23rd, 2021 11:01 am

    How do I find out if mine is a copy? What do I need to look for? I have a ustlers gazette on George Washington’s death.

  3. GuyHeilenman on December 2nd, 2021 10:38 am

    99.999999999999999% are reprints. The best “checklist” I can provide is the list found on the Library of Congress’ website at:

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