The State of the Union… Did you know…?

March 20, 2023 by  
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Did you know, starting with George Washington and lasting through much of the 20th century, most newspapers printed the entire text of each President’s Annual Message (State of the Union Address)? Although in some cases only excerpts were given, including the full text was the common practice, and would often take a page or more to print. One of the benefits of this practice was that it enabled newspaper recipients to read the President’s message in-line with a bit of editorial commentary, and then see how people reacted by reading related reports and letters to the editor over the course of the next several days (or more).

Although these issues are very popular with collectors, we ( are always on the hunt for more to offer. Our current inventory may be viewed at:

*State of the Union Addresses

The addresses have been arranged in chronological order so even if you do not wish or are unable to add any to your collection, you can still enjoy reading portions through the images and descriptions to capture the progression of Presidential thought through time.

*The link contains newspapers with both S.O.U.’s and follow-up reporting.

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