A quiet title…

February 20, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

World War II “camp” newspapers, produced by the various military units around the world, had some interesting titles (see our post of January 11). One of the more interesting is the “SSHHH” (see below).

I would suspect there was some secrecy with work of the unit which produced this newspaper, given the title and there being no city or town of publication noted. The only clue that it was produced overseas is the note at the bottom of the front page: “This edition musts not be sent home.”

An interesting newspaper title worth sharing.

Fascinating titles…

January 28, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Over the course of the last 350+ years tens of thousands of newspapers have come and gone, too few remaining outside of microfilm, microfiche or digital format for us hold and enjoy. Early on in my pursuit of old newspapers I was intrigued by the names of many, and decided to keep examples of newspapers which had what I considered to be “odd” titles. I am glad I did, as few have since surfaced for me to get a second chance to add to my collection.  I thought I might share a few of the more interesting titles. Perhaps you’ve come across some interesting ones as well. Here are among my more curious :

The Occasional Reverberator, The Whisperer, The Dessert to the True American, The Tickler, The Devil In London, The Quizzical Register, Galaxy of Comicalities, The Whip & Spur, The Wag, The Hangman, Wecli Fonetic Advocat, The Grape Shot (from Canonsburg, Pa.), The Boomerang, Our Dumb Animals, Measure For Measure, Wise And Unwise, Our Compliments, Squirrel Island Squid, The Drill (mining town in Arizona), The Headlight, Hoof & Horn, Camp Carnes Anti-Bushwhacker, The Yaller Dog, The Menace, The Gangplank News, The Bull Sheet Special, Bunk, Guinea Pig, Jerk, Tar Paper, and The Ape.

Do you have some unusual titles as well? Feel free to share.