Great Headlines Speak For Themselves… death of Marilyn Monroe…

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The best headlines need no commentary. Such is the case with the LOS ANGELES TIMES, California, August 6, 1962: “MARILYN MONROE FOUND DEAD”

Great Headlines Speak For Themselves… death of Knute Rockne…

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The best headlines need no commentary. Such is the case with the EVENING HERALD, Los Angeles, California, March 31, 1931“KNUTE ROCKNE KILLED”

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Great Headlines Speak For Themselves… death of Walt Disney…

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The best headlines need no commentary. Such is the case with the HERALD EXAMINER–EXTRA, Los Angeles, California, December 15, 1966: “WALT DISNEY DIES“…Blog-12-17-2015-Walt-Disney-death

A broken heart… 200+ years ago… today?

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Anguish… deep sorrow… pain and emptiness that engulf and suffocate… As the saying goes: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” No matter how far we advance as a race over time, the death of a loved one elicits the same paralyzing emotions today as it did 100… 1000… 5,000 years ago, and will continue to do so as long as humanity walks this earth. Such is the case (in spades) with a parent’s crushed spirit upon the loss of a child. While searching through an original printing of The American Magazine, Philadelphia, dated May, 1792 in the hopes of finding historical content, I came across the printing of a letter from a Father who was trying to come to terms with the untimely loss of his child. Language usage and expression aside, this letter written 200+ years ago could easily have been written yesterday. It also made me thankful for a hope beyond the grave – a hope that shouts from a Father’s pen as he attempts to express his heart… his love… his hope:Blog-2-27-2015-death-1


They put it in print…

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It was such a tragedy to America when Alexander Hamilton, the founding father of the United States, chief of staff to Washington in the Revolutionary War, and America’s first Secretary of the Treasury, was killed in a duel, an event he opposed but honor forced him to participate.  His words from shortly before the duel are telling: ““My religion and moral principles are strongly opposed to the practice of dueling…My wife & children are extremely dear to me…I am conscious of no ill will to Col. Burr distinct from political opposition…But it was, as I conceive, impossible for me to avoid it…”.  The report is found in the “Middlesex Gazette” newspaper of July 20, 1804 (see below).

His wounds at the hand of Aaron Burr–who curiously was Vice President at the time–would prove fatal. His comments give evidence to the value of honor among the early patriots, even when they lead to a tragic end.Blog-1-26-2015-Alexander-Hamilton-Duel

Great Headlines Speak For Themselves… Gary Cooper dies…

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The best headlines need no commentary. Such is the case with the HERALD EXPRESS–EXTRA, Los Angeles, May 13, 1961: “GARY COOPER DIES“…Gary Cooper's Death

Hawaiian Islands… ignorance is often the default position of the uninformed…

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Blog-10-17-2014-Sandwich-IslandsWhile many have been rightfully moved by James Michener’s account of the 1800’s Hawaiian Island pandemic, and have been forced to wrestle with and ultimately accept the albeit unintentional but horrible spread of disease and death often associated with well-intended explorers and missionaries entering new lands, an article in the National Intelligencer (December 4, 1849) takes “ignorance” to a whole new level. The image to the right expresses at least one person’s “uninformed” reaction to the wide-spread death that had befallen many of the indigenous people of the Hawaiian Islands (Sandwich Islands). Captain Cook and those who followed (with the intention of bringing Good News) would never have guessed they were also bringing such overwhelming human destruction. Thankfully we now know better – so as to not make such cold-hearted statements as the one made in this mid-19th century newspaper.

Great Headlines Speak For Themselves… Lionel Barrymore death…

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The best headlines need no commentary. Such is the case with the DAILY NEWS, Los Angeles, November 16, 1954: “LIONEL BARRYMORE, STAGE GREAT, DIESLionel Barrymore Death Report

Marriage & death in the same news report…

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marriage_and_deathTypically marriage and death reports are found in separate columns in the newspapers, but one news item in the Salem Mercury of July 6, 1831 could combine both into one:

“Marriage and Death — In Bath, Steuben Co. N.Y. 11th ult. Mr. Moses Alexander, 88, to Miss Frances Tompkins, 105. They wre taken out of bed dead on the following morning.”