An inside look at Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers… History’s Newsstand…

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WGRC (“The message is in the music!”)… While being a radio station, they feature the video series, “Around the Valley”, which focuses on various businesses from around the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania. A few weeks ago they spent several hours learning about “Rare & Early Newspapers” – both as a business and as a collectible. They were truly delightful, and their authentic enthusiasm for the hobby was evident.

The 14-minute synopsis of our time together is shown below. Please enjoy.

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A video look at Rare & Early Newspapers – revisted…

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Over the past 10 years we ( have put together a series of videos designed to help educate novices about the hobby of collecting historic newspapers.  While some may be a smidge old (compared to today’s high-tech standards), the information within is still pertinent. Pick a topic of interest, turn up the volume, and enjoy our perspective on the collectible.

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