The Traveler… 13th Amendment ratified…

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Blog-12-7-2015-13th-AmendmentToday I traveled to New York City by the way of the New York Tribune (December 7, 1865). The headlines: “The Constitutional Amendment”, “It Is Adopted”, “The Twenty-Seventh State”, “Freemen To Be Protected” were all reporting: “The Constitutional Amendment has passed each branch of the Legislature. The House passed a resolution instructing the Judiciary Committee to report a bill to protect persons of African descent in their persons and property, and also to allow them to testify in cases in which they may be interested.”

This abolished slavery in the United States.

~The Traveler

13th to 19th Amendments and Beyond…

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Brown vs. Board of EducationThe National Park Service recently posted a page on one of their park sites titled: “Brown vs. Board of Education – The 13th to 19th Amendments and Beyond”. The post certainly is informative and their use of historic newspapers and magazines (Harper’s Weekly, Frank Leslie’s Illustrated, The Crisis, Taunton Daily Gazette) to provide visual and historic depth to the topic will be of particular interest to rare & early newspaper collectors. Please enjoy:  Brown vs. Board of Education