My collecting story… R. B. in Wakefield, FL …

May 18, 2020 by  
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What a great opportunity this is to share history and spread the word about the importance of keeping history as a priority in our American society.

When I was young…  Forty-two years ago when I was 16 years old my mother and I had kept our tradition of going around to different houses that put out their spring cleaning artifacts they were throwing away. In Wakefield, MA, my home town, there was a house that had put an old bureau out to the curb. My mom pulled up to the house and as she rummaged through a bag of clothing and old drapes something told me to go through the drawers of this old bureau. I actually took each drawer out. Inside I found old newspapers. I wasn’t sure what they were yet. I just saw they looked old so I took them with me.
After being home for a while I brought these three newspapers up to my room and looked at the dates. [Wow], they were from the civil war era! I looked through each newspaper carefully. All three had similar articles in them: “Results for the Lincoln/Douglas Debates!” Unbelievably exciting! I took the newspapers to school for show & tell. Having left them in my desk over night. Someone had stolen them.
Despite the loss they were the most exciting find I’ve ever had! This sparked in me the strong desire to continue seeking history in old newspapers and artifacts.

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