Great Headlines Speak For Themselves… Salk’s Vaccine!

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The best headlines need no commentary. Such is the case with the Journal American, April 12, 1955: “Salk’s Vaccine Works!”Vaccine for Polio Joseph Salk

Not sure this one worked…

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Before the days of plastic surgery or rhinoplasty, here is how problems with the nose were supposedly “cured”. While subscribers were on the hunt for great baseball news, this ad is in the “Baseball Magazine” issue of June, 1923. 

He could cure almost anything…

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Advertisements for physicians have certainly changed much over the last  270 years. This ad for “Richard Rock, Practitioner in Physick and Surgery” has a curious list of ailments he treats. This ad appears in the March 30, 1734 issue (and others) of “The Country Journal or the Craftsman” from London. Note that he keeps officers hours of 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m…

Practice makes perfect???

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An interesting note in the November 14, 1857 issue of “Harper’s Weekly” only goes to show that practice doesn’t always make perfect:

Interesting cure for a multitude of ills…

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This advertisement in the August 22, 1885 issue of “Harper’s Weekly” gives evidence as to how much times have changed. And I find it interesting that cocaine–a known stimulant–would be a cure for “sleeplessness” and “nervousness”.