Labor Day – back to school, end of summer, and hurricanes – Oh My!

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Labor Day weekend is often received with quite divergent emotions. Most children view its encroachment with sadness as marks the end of their summer and a return to school, whereas at least a portion of parents view it in a positive light as a return to a bit of normalcy, and to sports enthusiasts, the onset of football season. However, regardless of which point of view one embraces, for coastal residents in the east and south, their emotions are typically coupled with a bit of trepidation as it also signals the onset of prime hurricane season. In this regard, the Albany Evening News for September 4, 1935 tells of what has become known as The Great Labor Day Hurricane. The image below tells of at least the initial detail of this historic weather-generated disaster. So, as we ask the Lord’s blessing before enjoying our outdoor BBQ’s today, let’s be thankful these tragic events are few and far between.

The Traveler… Miami gets some “new fish”…

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Today I traveled to New York City by the way of The New York Times dated August 17, 1965.  There I found an announcement on the sports page, “Miami Is Granted an American Football League Franchise for 1966 Season.” (see below) The text includes: “A group headed by Danny Thomas, the comedian-television producer, was granted an American Football League franchise today to field a team in Miami next year… A name has not been chosen for the team yet… Once before, Miami had a professional football team, the Miami Seahawks of the now defunct All-America Conference. But the team folded after only one year of play — 1946…”.  The team did receive a name, the Dolphins.

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The Traveler… capturing Pensacola… plundering away…

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Today I traveled by the means of the Boston Patriot, December 17, 1814 (shown below) to Boston, Massachusetts. There I found that under the leadership of  Maj. Gen. Jackson, Pensacola, West Florida, had been captured.The first portion of the report did not have details yet, however there is a “from an Office in Gen. Jackson’s army” letter. “I write you a few lines to tell you that I am alive and well. We took the town by a coup de main the 7th,… The Baranca has been blown up, and the object intended to be effected, to wit, preventing the British from entering the Bay, cannot now be obtained, so that we shall to day return to Mobile.”

Also reported is “The Brutal Enemy!”. “We learn that the enemy have descended the Rappahannock. Accounts from there state that their ascent up there was marked by a conduct every way worthy of the infamous Cockburn, plundering and burning on both shores and almost everything within their reach… They have laid in ashes the Court-house, prison, collector’s office, clerk’s office, and a large ware-house, and scarcely a building escaped plunder or damage… they broke into the family vault of Col. Richie, and ransacked the ashes of the dead…”.

~The Traveler

The Traveler… West Florida and fencing…

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This weeks travels brought me to the Connecticut Mirror dated December 17, 1810 where I found the second page to contain numerous articles pertaining to the independence of West Florida. Included is President James Madison’s message including the proclamation in which a portion states “Now be it known, that I, JAMES MADISON, President of the United States of America in pursuance of these weighty and urgent considerations, have deemed it right and requisite, that possession should be taken of the said territory, in the name and behalf of the U. States…” Letters from both the Florida and West Florida’s are in this issue as well.

This issue carries numerous advertisements – one being illustrated. It is an unusual one of a Fencing Exhibition being held by Mr. P. Thomas with an admission price of 37-1/2 cents!

~The Traveler

“Keeping” the Commandments…

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The following is an interesting item printed in “The Floridian” newspaper from Tallahassee, August 12, 1848. The “Temperance Aphorisms” which follows it is worth a look as well: