Rare newspaper prices from 60 years ago…

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american_newspapers_coverWhile cleaning out some files at home I came across a little catalog of “American Newspapers 1732 – 1890” offered for sale by Stephen Nagy of Philadelphia. The back page has various items noting the date of the catalog as 1948.

american_newspapers_lincolnThe photos show some interesting prices.  Some may not be shown in the photos but I noticed a Confederate issue of the “Norfolk Bulletin” of 1864 for $1.25; the “Daily Hawaiian Herald” of 1866 for $3; a colonial issue of the “Pennsylvania Chronicle” of Phila., 1768 for $7.50; a ‘Phila. Inquirer” with a first report of Lincoln’s assassination for $3; the very desirable “Inquirer” of April 25, 1865 with the full pg. illustration of Lincoln’s remains in Independence Hall for $4; and a wide selection of “Dunlap’s American Daily Advertiser“, Phila., from 1796 and 1797 for $1 each.

We’ve never promoted the investment potential of rare newspapers but rather encourage the collecting of historic issues for enjoyment & personal pleasure, but this catalog from the past does give evidence of the considerable variance in prices from 61 years ago.  Additional images of this early newspapers catalog may be found at:  American Newspapers (1732-1890) Catalog – 1948.

Stepping back: old catalogs show amazing prices…

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Being a collector, it is no surprise that I have kept at least one copy of every catalog we’ve published from the very first in 1976. I find it interesting to occasionally pull an old catalog off the shelf and browse through the offerings and marvel at some of the prices.  They were competitive at the time. Although we emphasize collecting newspapers for the sake of collecting, as there is never a guarantee values will increase by the year, some old listings reflect some amazing prices.

Catalog 77 was issued in early 1990. At that time our catalogs were just 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches with 32 pages and a total of two photos (actually photocopies). Here are a few listings and their prices you might find intriguing. No, they are no longer available for purchase!

Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 9, 1864 with ftpg. coverage of Lincoln’s 2nd election.  $46

Chicago Tribune, Nov. 3, 1948 “Dewey Defeats Truman” (excellent condition)  $160

Niles’ Weekly Register, 1816 Supplement with the Star Spangled Banner.  $68

The Boston Gazette, Dec. 11, 1775 A rare issue published in Watertown.  $395

Cherokee Phoenix & Indians’ Advocate, New Echota, Georgia, Dc. 23, 1830 Very rare  Cherokee newspaper.  $155

New York Herald, Jan. 3, 1863  Printing of the Emancipation Proclamation.  $115

Gazette, Paris, 1635  $68

Niles’ Weekly Register, April 16, 1836 Battle of the Alamo.  $135

As much as you might like to buy these newspapers at these prices I’d like to have them back. Their values have increased dramatically through the years.

By the way, many of our old catalogs, going back to our very first, are available for purhase. Inquire.