Capturing the Vibe… July 4th…

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Welcome back to our ongoing series “Capturing the Vibe” where we try to imagine what the world felt like to a newspaper reader from the past by immersing ourselves in their … “vibe of the day”. This month I was drawn to a paper which was around the celebration of Independence Day 1895. It certainly gives Summer Vibes which is greatly appreciated as Winter is in full swing!

So, on we go with this month’s issue…


The Helena Herald is out of Montana … Big Sky Country.


Summer is a time for weddings and in Helena, they warranted front page attention.


Celebrations will cover the whole state but the fireworks in Helena will “Excell Anything in the State”.



Full pages of old-fashioned ads delight the eyes.


The Wool Shearing has gone slower than normal however, The Yellowstone Valley is selling their wool for 8.5 cents – 10 cents.


Not much $ to use for gambling but no need to worry as “The Law Prohibiting Gambling is now in Force in Montana”.


Summer Vibes full of Patriotic Celebrations…

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Trendy words come and go as the decades slip by but some words have more staying power. I would submit “vibes” is one of these words. In today’s culture, according to my kiddos, “feels” is an alternative option, but in my humble-but-20th-century-tainted-opinon, not a full replacement. “Summer Vibes” is what I experienced today while paging through a Life Magazine from July 3, 1913. Patriotism flows through the vibe of Summer beginning on Memorial Day with the gratitude we all feel for the fallen heroic patriots from the past, continues through Independence Day as we reflect upon our ancestors who “brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”, and culminates on Labor Day where we honor those who have put their shoulder to the grindstone to build this great country and solidify her strength among nations. So, as we flow through the Summer with its peaceful spirit-lifting aura while soaking in all the “feels” we get from each firework, laughing child, and chirping cricket, let’s also pause now and again with grateful hearts for those who did and continue to do the hard work which allows us the lazy “vibes” of summer.

Happy Independence Day – Contrasting Celebrations…

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The July 11, 1868 issue of Harper’s Weekly contained prints by two notable illustrators – intentionally included to contrast typical 4th of July celebrations in the rural south (Thomas Worth) with those held in northern cities (Winslow Homer). Their diversity reminded me that we can have profound differences while maintaining our bonds of common citizenry. The Revolutionary War was fought for freedom. Today we fight to maintain that freedom. While our diversity in many ways has widened over the past few decades, this new battle is no less noble – and one which calls for unity of purpose. Hopefully we will heed the call. Happy 4th!

The Traveler… Celebrating the 4th…

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Happy 4th of July to all!! In reading through newspapers for this week, I decided not to select today’s date, but yesterday’s instead. The Boston Patriot, dated June 30, 1810, contains a large announcement of the “Republican Celebration!” for the Celebration of the 4th of July, 1810 — it being the 34th Anniversary of American Independence.  This issue shows the the progression of the Bunker-Hill festivities which would proceed from the State House to Bunker-Hill. There are also other articles within the issue in reference to the Fourth of July.

On a side note, while scanning through the issue I noticed within the “Died” notifications an amazing announcement.  One brief reports that “Ann Sylvester, a free black woman, died on Tuesday the 14th at Falmouth, Jamaica, at the very advanced age of 133 years“. A very advanced age indeed!! It also provided information on her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all 82 of them!… with additional amazing information about her as well. Quite a lady!                    ~The Traveler