Catching Everyone By Suprise… A Valentine’s Day to Remember…

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Some holidays catch us by surprise.  Countless men have either forgotten their wedding anniversary until it was either too late, or until the last minute when buying that “perfect gift” was no longer an option. So it is in spades with a more recently “invented” holiday: Valentine’s Day. While some refuse to be manipulated into yet another obligation to invest in the greeting card, flower and candy industries, yet others invent creative new ways to mark this wonderful day of romance and the celebration of love. Such was the case with Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1929. This mob hit, nicknamed The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, stumped police until more than 2 years later, and even then no one was formally charged. Hopefully, everyone this year will opt for flowers… and not the kind we see adorning graves as as we drive by our local cemetery.


The Traveler… Perrone explodes… Hoffa and Kennedy… Twin Towers plans…

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Today I traveled to Detroit through The Detroit Free Press dated January 20, 1964. There I found the bold headlines dealing with the mafia  figure Santo Perrone who’s legs were serious injured in a car bombing incident. This includes photos of his car, now in twisted metal.

Also on the front page is the reporting of Jimmy Hoffa’s lawyers seeking to have Attorney General Robert Kennedy called to testify at Hoffa’s upcoming trial for jury tampering. “…If Kennedy tried to claim immunity because of his Cabinet post, Berke said, the defense would ask Chattanooga Federal Judge Frank W. Wilson to ‘use whatever power he has to compel attendance…'”

Inside the issue, I also found “World’s Tallest buildings are planned in New York…” This is in reference to the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center and includes the illustration of them as well.

~The Traveler