News in camp… The life of a Civil War soldier…

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Blog-3-27-2015-Frank-LeslieWhen speaking of rare & early newspapers, we often say, “History is never more fascinating than when it’s read from the day it was first reported”. However, what about those who read them fresh off the presses? While collectors can appreciate holding history in their hands, we often forget that at one time these very newspapers were greeted with eager anticipation by those who were living through the events we now call history. This image from a Frank Leslie’s Newspaper dated October 31, 1863, titled “Frank Leslie In Camp”, depicts the arrival of “the news” by horseback, with several enthusiastic soldiers gathered around reading recently published issues of this wonderful illustrated newspaper. Feel free to peruse our other Civil War era images and descriptions of this title: Frank Leslie’s Illustrated


Newsies… a tough life…

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While movies and stage shows such as Newsies show the life of a 19th century newsboy to be a difficult one, we still walk away with a somewhat romanticized view of their daily struggle.  In contrast, the following article from The New York Times, September 1, 1868, helps us to better understand the conditions under which many of these young boys (barely) survived.  As an integral part of the subculture of nearly every major city of the period, it is interesting to see a contemporary glimpse of the conditions under which they existed.  To better grasp the perils under which they lived, click on the link any of the links to view both “The Newsboys Lodging House” and “A Sheep in Wolves Clothing” .

Related collectibles… carrier & newsie memorabilia…

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The world of rare newspaper collecting need not be limited to just newspapers. I’ve ventured into peripheral collectibles which I find interesting, and I’m wondering if any of you have as well.

Wagon_Carrier_Bag_CollectibleI’ve picked up several “paper bags” as we used to call them, and which are rarely seen today. They are the cloth “slings” newspaper carriers wore over the shoulder in which newspapers we held when being delivered (does anyone remember them?).

I’ve also purchased two of the newspaper wagons used in the earlier part of the 20th century in which carriers pulled the day’s edition as he made his deliver rounds. They make decorative pieces today and look much like other early children’s wagons but often had higher side rails. And they were distinguished by the newspaper name & logo painted on the sides.

I’ve also collecting little nick-knack figurines which include a newspaper in some way, and my, have I been amazed how many exist! There is at least one Hummel piece, a few Precious Moments, and a number of more “generic” brand figurines which feature a newspaper in a variety of ways. And those who collect Christmas pieces will encounter numerous miniature print shops and newsstands if they browse in any mall gift or specialty shop.  I’ve also found a few framed prints which show someone reading a newspaper, or perhaps a newspaper print shop, a news carrier, etc.

What related newspaper collectibles do you pursue? Feel free to respond and share with others.

Charles Dickens on newspapers…

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dickens_newspapersThe Boston Evening Transcript of July 21, 1862, has a front page article “Charles Dickens on Newspapers”, a speech he delivered in London at the Newsvenders’ Benevolent Institution.  The lengthy speech takes two-thirds of a column and is filled with witty comments, and ends with: “…The newsman is to be meet with at every turn, on steamboats and in railway stations; his profits are small…he is indispensable to civilzation and freedom, and he is looked for with peasurable excitement every day…”.