One More Reason to Love Collecting Historical Newspapers… Revisiting 9/11…

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A wise man once said: “There is nothing new under the sun“, which is typically accepted as valid. Today, however,  the headline, “Everything Changed, Nothing Changed” (page A10 of a September 11, 2016 Los Angeles Times) caught my attention. As I read the corresponding article covering the 5th anniversary of 9/11,  I was struck by the varying perspectives which exist concerning an event I personally thought was cut and dry, and in so doing, realized this “wise man” may not have captured the whole story. While it is true that history repeats itself (over and over and over again), it’s also true each person has their own unique human experience and paradigm – their own lens through which they interpret events from as little as a five-year window. Thus, any historical event can impact people quite differently and for some people, certain life events, although in the past (recent or otherwise), may seem new.  Fortunately for us, as collectors of historic newspapers, we have the opportunity to read a vast array of perspectives covering a wide range of situations as presented the day they were first reported, and are provided with a much broader scope of humanity than what we merely see around us.  Just one more thing to love about this hobby!

The Traveler… Perrone explodes… Hoffa and Kennedy… Twin Towers plans…

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Today I traveled to Detroit through The Detroit Free Press dated January 20, 1964. There I found the bold headlines dealing with the mafia  figure Santo Perrone who’s legs were serious injured in a car bombing incident. This includes photos of his car, now in twisted metal.

Also on the front page is the reporting of Jimmy Hoffa’s lawyers seeking to have Attorney General Robert Kennedy called to testify at Hoffa’s upcoming trial for jury tampering. “…If Kennedy tried to claim immunity because of his Cabinet post, Berke said, the defense would ask Chattanooga Federal Judge Frank W. Wilson to ‘use whatever power he has to compel attendance…'”

Inside the issue, I also found “World’s Tallest buildings are planned in New York…” This is in reference to the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center and includes the illustration of them as well.

~The Traveler

The New York Times, September 12, 2001…

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Tragic events in world history have been a part of the hobby of collecting newspapers since it began and likely will be for as long as newspapers exists.  Unfortunately most tragic events are history and are well documented in newspapers of the day, hence their appeal to newspaper collectors. Reports of the Titanic, the Hindenberg, stock market crash, Pearl Harbor and so many more remain among the more desired headlines.

NYT_9_12_2001The tragedy of September 11, 2001 is still raw to many, and may seem an insensitive “collectible” to be desired. Ebay was quick to prohibit the sale of any items relating to September 11 for several months, which I thought very appropriate. But as time passes and the event becomes more a part of past history than current memory newspapers on the event will be deemed as collectible.

Given that the event happened around 9:00 a.m. Eastern time virtually all morning newspapers were already on the newsstands, and unless they produced an “Extra” edition–which many did–first reports were in the next day’s edition of September 12. Afternoon papers had the report in their September 11 edition.

The “New York Times” is a morning paper and its bold “U.S. ATTACKED” banner headline read like many headlines across the country, and given the popularity of this well-known title it may become a desired issue. But let me offer a note of caution: this edition was reprinted by the “Times”. I recall reading in the “Times” a day or two later that given the great demand for the newspaper extra copies were available from the publisher, and if memory serves me correctly the extra editions produced were in the millions, and were identical to the issue which sold on the street the morning of Sept. 12 with no notations of it being a reprint.

So as collectors, be aware that this newspaper will likely never be “rare” in terms of having a limited or even normal press run. And it is likely one will never know whether their issue was printed the morning of Sept. 12 or a few days later. All of this may be perfectly fine for many collectors but I thought it appropriate to mention the situation of this “historic” newspaper.