Snapshot 1882… Thomas Edison lights up Manhattan…

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Over the past two weeks we highlighted two events related to Thomas Edison. We’ll wrap things up this week with a day in 1882 when he literally Lit up the Town – or at least a portion of Manhattan, including the very building which was responsible for printing the related article shown (in part) below – The (NY) Times Building. Oddly enough, the New York Tribune also reported the event, but failed to shed light on The Times building have been in the illuminated zone. Enjoy.

The Traveler… laying the cornerstone… a time to remember…

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Blog-7-6-2015-GettysburgThis week I traveled back to July 5, 1865 by the way of The New York Times. There I found the reporting of “The Celebration Yesterday on the Great Battlefield” at Gettysburg. There they had “The Ceremonies of the Laying the Corner Stone of the Gettysburg Monument.” Many generals were on hand for this occasion with General Howard being the orator of the day. Within his speech, he included Abraham Lincoln’s infamous “Gettysburg’s Address”, which is included in the text of the article.

Also in the issue is the coverage of the Fourth of July celebration in New York City, including the “Ovation to the Returned Veterans” and “The Wounded Veterans.”

~The Traveler