The Traveler… the President’s State-of-the-Union address… a wife’s rebuttal…

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Today I traveled to the Columbian Centinel dated November 9, 1811 where I found the second page of this issue contained James Madison’s state-of-the-union message which was delivered on November 5th and is signed in type: JAMES MADISON. In the message, he reflects on the past year. He closes the address with “I cannot close this communication without expressing my deep sense of the crisis in which you are assembled…“. As we know we would soon be in the War of 1812.

Under a heading of “NOTICE” (see below) is an unusual, albeit difficult to read, posting for this time period. It is from a wife in response to a “notice” that had been posted earlier by her husband. From the reading of this, I think that he should have thought twice before making public notice!!  The editor was kind enough to reprint her husband’s initial appeal above her response.

~The Traveler

The Traveler… the wanderer…

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Today’s journey has landed me in the Connecticut Mirror, dated January 14, 1811, with discussion on West-Florida and a bill before Congress pertaining to the welfare of seamen. The front page of the issue carries important documents between the United States and France, with a message to the House of Representatives signed in type: JAMES MADISON.

There is also an intriguing advertisement, “A Female Wanderer” (see below), which is of a young lady who came into a village about three months prior and was “of mental derangement”. She since has recalled her name (Mary Stevens) and those of her family and past information… but could not recall how she arrived at the village. This ad was being published in hopes “that her friends will lose no time in relieving those individuals, who are protecting and supporting her.”

~ The Traveler

The Traveler… West Florida and fencing…

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This weeks travels brought me to the Connecticut Mirror dated December 17, 1810 where I found the second page to contain numerous articles pertaining to the independence of West Florida. Included is President James Madison’s message including the proclamation in which a portion states “Now be it known, that I, JAMES MADISON, President of the United States of America in pursuance of these weighty and urgent considerations, have deemed it right and requisite, that possession should be taken of the said territory, in the name and behalf of the U. States…” Letters from both the Florida and West Florida’s are in this issue as well.

This issue carries numerous advertisements – one being illustrated. It is an unusual one of a Fencing Exhibition being held by Mr. P. Thomas with an admission price of 37-1/2 cents!

~The Traveler

Recommended reading…

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Jim Wheeler, one of our “rare newspaper” friends, recently sent us an e-mail with the following recommendation for our summer reading list:

The Constitutional Convention: A Narrative History from the Notes of James Madison, by Edward J. Larson & Michael P. Winship, ISBN 0-8129-7517

This book essentially condenses and annotates Madison’s notes taken throughout the Convention so that the language and the important concepts that were discussed can be understood today.  The book includes a list of those attending the convention and their respective states. When you keep a copy of this list handy while reading the notes, you can get a clear picture of the regional motives behind the discussion as the constitution was developed. This book, in conjunction with The Founding Brothers, John Ellis, were both extremely helpful in developing a working understanding of what I consider to be one of the most interesting 10 to 20 year time period in US history.

I thought that in addition to all of your other reading, these two items may be interesting and helpful.

Thanks for your suggestions Jim.  To the readers of this post:  “If you have a chance to read either of these (or have already done so), the community would love to hear your reactions as well.