The Traveler… the President’s State-of-the-Union address… a wife’s rebuttal…

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Today I traveled to the Columbian Centinel dated November 9, 1811 where I found the second page of this issue contained James Madison’s state-of-the-union message which was delivered on November 5th and is signed in type: JAMES MADISON. In the message, he reflects on the past year. He closes the address with “I cannot close this communication without expressing my deep sense of the crisis in which you are assembled…“. As we know we would soon be in the War of 1812.

Under a heading of “NOTICE” (see below) is an unusual, albeit difficult to read, posting for this time period. It is from a wife in response to a “notice” that had been posted earlier by her husband. From the reading of this, I think that he should have thought twice before making public notice!!  The editor was kind enough to reprint her husband’s initial appeal above her response.

~The Traveler