Do two wrongs (occasionally) make a right?

November 25, 2013 by  
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Fifty years ago today scores of Americans awoke in their William Levitt-style home (or similar), slipped on their robe and slippers, and headed out to their front drive to pick up the morning paper. Within moments they were sipping their cup of coffee as they opened their newspaper to discover that Lee Harvey Oswald, the destroyer of American innocence, had been shot and killed. While the spontaneous emotional reaction of many may have betrayed their parent’s Biblically-charged rearing that two wrongs don’t make a right, somehow this morning’s news never found a way to fill the hole left by the events of just a few days prior – the assassination of JFK… their beloved president. This event was captured well on the front page of the same newspaper which had brought horrific news on November 23, 1963:  Lee Harvey Oswald Shot & Killed

Perhaps someday we’ll know the truth behind all that occurred during this infamous week in American history.

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One Response to “Do two wrongs (occasionally) make a right?”

  1. Paul Sarna on November 25th, 2013 8:37 pm

    “Perhaps someday we’ll know the truth behind all that occurred during this infamous week in American history”
    And that’s the problem…so few people know the actual events of that weekend. Since we are on Jack Ruby here…At 10:15 am he received a phone call from one of his stripper’s “Little Lynne” because she needed $25 (Ruby closed his club that weekend). He goes to the Western Union, located 1 block away from the Dallas police station and has his wire transfer posted at 11:17 am (FOUR minutes before Oswald was shot). Ruby then shoots Oswald with a single shot to the BELLY. (Hardly the act of a hit man for what would have to be the most important hit in mob history)….and does Ruby have a getaway driver? Nope…his DOG was waiting for him in his car.
    As his rabbi, who was with Ruby on his deathbed, said, “He loved his President and took justice into his own hands.”

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