Where did it end up? Boston

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blog-10-20-2016-ben-franklin-statue-bostonAs both collectors and sellers of historic newspapers, we (Rare Newspapers) often wonder what happens with many of the issues which pass through our hands. We know some have been given to Presidents, well-known authors, and various public figures throughout the world. Equally rewarding are those which end up in the hands of those whom either love history or have a personal connection with the issue’s content. Many are found in museums for all to see, yet others a likely stored away in boxes for protection and many never again see the light of day. Regardless of their final resting place, we derive a certain degree of satisfaction in knowing we play a part in preserving history in written form. With these thoughts as a backdrop…

We recently became aware of how one issue has been put to use (see image). Feel free to explore:


Ben Edwards… Walking Boston…

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Ben Edwards, a highly sought after tour guide on Boston’s Freedom Trail, discusses how he uses authentic newspapers on his tours to bring history to life. Please enjoy his story at: Touch Authentic History – Real Colonial Newspapers Shared On Tour!

When Ben is not leading tour groups he spends quite a bit of time writing. Some of his recent efforts include his children’s book, “One April In Boston“, the Teach History blog, and additional efforts, one of which includes a few interesting tidbits regarding Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln and his Ancestors.  We appreciate all of Ben’s efforts to foster a love of history in others and his ongoing use of historic newspapers to bring history to life.