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Today’s journeys toke me to Fitchburg, Massachusetts, by the way of Fitchburg Sentinel dated April 16, 1968 where I found a record-breaking sporting event. The Houston Astros and the New York Mets were playing at the Astrodome where “…things started getting pretty funny around the 17th inning. Roy Hofheinz officially sanctioned the humor of the situation five innings later… ‘After about the 17th inning everything sort of got funny’ said Staub, who batted nine times in the six-hour, six-minute contest. The game outlasted by two innings the longest night game played previously… The 24-inning game mercifully came to an end… with an error letting in the run after eight pitchers had battled valiantly to preserve the scoreless deadlock…”

This would become the longest scoreless Major League baseball game in history and still holds that record today.

~The Traveler