10 Most Shocking Deaths in Sports History…

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We recently became aware of another blogger’s post we thought you might appreciate.  While rare newspapers bring us news of varied events, none grabs our attention quite like the 1st reports of tragedy.  In some cases, the untimely death of an athlete such as Dale Earnhardt, or a musician such as Elvis Presley, are profoundly impacting since they are often so unexpected.  It is with this in mind we draw our attention to one writer’s view of the “10 Most Shocking Deaths in Sports History“.  You may or may not agree with all of the names on the list, but each story reminds us of the brevity of life, and the anguish when such brevity is realized in the prime of life.  Note:  The writer, Jena Ellis, has included links to the 1st reports for each person on her list.  Feel free to comment.

The 10 Most Shocking Deaths in Sports History