Calendar Section of the Los Angeles Times … Mini-Time Capsules of Our Lives…

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I recently went hunting for the opening day events of Splash Mountain, Disneyland. Some of you may be aware of the current hubbub surrounding this attraction which was first created for Disneyland, and then added shortly thereafter in Disney World. Fans of this ride based on the 1946 Disney film, Song of the South. Knowing fans of Splash Mountain would be seeking related collectible mementos, I quickly headed to our archives to search for a Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times as close to the original opening date as possible to see if it contained a large ad and/or review.

For those who may be unaware, several times each week the Los Angeles Times would include a tabloid-size insert called “CALENDAR“, providing a phenomenal entertainment-heavy cultural overview of the day which included a blend of movie ads and reviews, stage productions and concerts, cuisine and art, and more. Now, decades later, those who peruse them never fail to have their memories and emotions stirred as they travel back in time through their pages.

Oh, and as far as this specific quest is concerned… Success! The July 16, 1989 Calendar section contained a double-page advertisement for this new Disneyland attraction. Feel free to click on the link above to explore a selection of the content found in this specific insert.

In case your interest has been piqued… Our inventory of Los Angeles Times runs from early 1976 through late 2006 and contains approximately 90% of the newspapers printed during this period. If you have interest in anything associated with the Hollywood/entertainment scene from this timespan, feel free to be in touch (

PS  Does the cover of this particular edition really feature the world-famous Wolfgang Puck?