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We recently listed a Massachusetts Magazine from 1792 with the following description:

Benjamin Franklin’s Will…

The bulk of the issue is taken up with a wide range of eclectic articles as noted on the full title/contents page.
The issue begins with: “Extracts from Dr. Franklin’s Will” which takes over a full page and provides many details on various beneficiaries.

Also within: “Thoughts on Dueling” “The Child Trained up for the Gallows” “A Description of the Dismal Swamp in Virginia” “The Distresses of a Frontier Inhabitant” “Fourteen Causes which Enrich a Country” “On the Climate of South Carolina” and much more.

Near the back is a: “Collection of Publick Acts Papers, etc.” including 3 Acts of Congress, each noted as: “Approved by the President…”, and also: “Abstract of the Proceedings of Congress” taking several pages. Then: “Domestick Chronicle” with news of the day, state-by-state and which includes much on Indian troubles.

Based on only the abbreviated list of articles we included within this issue’s listing, if you could only read one article, which one most attracts your attention? For me it would be Ben Franklin’s will, with “The Child Trained up for the Gallows” and “Thoughts on Dueling” a distant second and third choice. But what if I was from Ohio… perhaps even a region steeped in history related to westward expansion and the Northwest Territory? Well, one such collector fits this description, and without providing the title of the article, perhaps you can guess which captured his interest.

One never knows what one may find within the pages of Rare & Early Newspapers.

PS  Food for thought: Viewing the past through a romanticized lens may not always provide the most accurate view.

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