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The Traveler… Valachi spills about “Cosa Nostra”… test-tube babies…

August 5, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Today I traveled back 50 years into the past to Detroit, Michigan, by the means of The Detroit News dated August 4, 1963. There I found the headline “Top Mobster Tells How Gang Runs Cities’ Crime” which was when Joseph Valachi testified at Washington about the mafia.  “… He has added new names and a flood of details on unsolved murders and mysterious disappearances. He also outlined the structure of a well-disciplined, terror-ridden, semi-military organization dominating organized crime in America and  he has given the organization a name — a name not known to the outside world. The organization is know as ‘Cosa Nostra’ — Our Thing…”. The movie “The Valachi Papers” was made about him and this event.

Also, on the front page of this issue is the announcement “Henry Ford II and Wife Agree to Live Apart”. This was occurring after 23 years of marriage.

Additionally:  The New York State Supreme Court justice had just ruled that “Test Tube Baby Is Ruled Illegitimate in N.Y. Suit”.

A rather interesting day in the news.

~The Traveler