The Civil War… 150 years ago… February 22, 1862…

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An ongoing reflection on the Civil War… 150 years prior to this post…

On February 22, 1862, news was spreading that Jefferson Davis was soon to be elected President of the Confederacy.  If so, what would this mean?  Would the war soon be over?  Would this entrench the opposing sides making an early end nearly impossible?  Additional news was spreading that Fort Donelson either was, or was soon to be, under fire.  It seemed as if every day brought discouraging news to the North, and quite the opposite to the South.  Please enjoy the following original newspapers printed for the day, and see life unfold through the eyes of those present during this flash-point period in American history:

Original Newspapers Read On February 22, 1862

“History is never more fascinating than when it’s read from the day it was first reported.”, Timothy Hughes, 1976

Is it true?

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The “Democratic Watchman” newspaper from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, July 30, 1886 has an interesting tidbit which, if true, unveils what it likely a little known and fascinating twist in American history: “Jefferson Davis, as an officer in the Black Hawk war, administered the oath of allegiance to Abraham Lincoln, entering the service as a lieutenant.” (see below)

What could have been…

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One might wonder how some significant events in history might have been responded to had reaction been different from what the history books note. During the Civil war the “Albany Atlas” decided to fool with history a bit following the Emancipation Proclamation, and supposed a “Counter Proclamation” by the Confederate President, Jeff Davis. The article shown–which appeared in the Confederate newspaper “Memphis Daily Appeal” of January 23, 1863 (while printing in Jackson, Mississippi at the time)–makes for some interesting reading on what could have happened in history (see below).