Nothing Says Spring Like…

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Nothing says Spring like Crocus peeking through the snow or Dogwood trees on full display or that subtle change in the air, bringing a sense of hope or horse-racing!!! What!?! The beginning of May brings more flowers and The Kentucky Derby which happens to be the beginning of the run for the Triple Crown. As of this day at the end of March, 2021, this year’s favorites are as follows: Greatest Honour, Helium, Weyburn, Risk Taking, Highly Motivated and Brooklyn Strong who is back and healthy however, untested to this date. These prize 3 year olds are hoping to step into the hoof prints of past greats like Secretariat (1973 Triple Crown winner) and Whirlaway (1941 Triple Crown winner). Who knows what memorable moments this year’s Triple Crown season may have for all horse-racing fans out there. Spring is, after all, a time of hope so bring on Spring, bring on May 1, 2021 and bring on the Kentucky Derby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The aftermath of the Civil War… August, 1865

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Blog-8-6-2015-Post-Civil-WarWhat news was reported in August, 1865 – approximately 150 years ago? The horrors of the Civil War were now in the past, but the emotions and sorrow of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln were still fresh. Where would the nation go from here? How would we move forward? Was unity possible?
Such a walk back in time through the eyes of those who read the daily and weekly newspapers of the period can be quite revealing. This is why we often say, “History is never more fascinating than when it’s read from the day it was first reported.” The following link will take you back in time to show the available newspapers from the Rare & Early newspapers website. There’s no need to buy a thing. Simply enjoy the walk back in time:

August, 1865

A sampling of what you will find may include articles and info regarding: Andersonville Prison – and the trial of Captain Wirz, a return to a degree of normalcy via sports (baseball, horse racing, rowing, etc.), the follow-up to the trial of the Lincoln conspirators, and much on cleaning up after the Civil War and the beginning of reconstruction. Key Civil War figures (Jefferson Davis, Frederick Douglass, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, etc.) continue to make headlines as well. Please enjoy your travel into the past as you browse through the currently available original newspapers!