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Each month the staff of Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers sends out a newsletter to our members which includes special offers, discounts, alerts to new inventory, and information related to the rare newspaper collectible.

The June, 2018 newsletter:

Welcome to the June edition of our monthly newsletter. John Wilkes Booth performs at Ford’s Theater in 1863 and a newspaper with Lincoln’s last speech and last Proclamation – both in Washington, D.C. papers, a focus on original literature (Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Lord Byron, and several from Walt Whitman), a flashback to more innocent days, and a new set of issues discounted by 50%… All of these and more are shown in detail below.

Two (new) Highly Collectible/Rare Items (both Washington D.C. papers)…
Great (newly discovered) Literary Items – Among a handful of new items are several issues with the 1st or rare appearances of works by Walt Whitman, reactions and follow-up events related to Uncle Tom’s Cabin (by Harriet Beecher Stowe – including a review done in part by Charles Dickens, John Greenleaf Whittier, Lord Byron, and although jumping a generation or tow, Ellery Queen: Literary Interest (and more)


Discounted Newspapers (50% off) Over 200 items have been *discounted by 50% through July 12, 2018. The items already reflect the discount. The available content includes: regarding the death of Jesse James, both Kennedy and Johnson were shot (?), a handful of Confederate issues, Kennedy is still alive (?), a great CW era map of Richmond (a “doomed” city), the Hindenburg a year before the explosion, among the earliest of automobile ads (1898), and more.

Catalog 271 – Enjoy the remaining items from our latest catalog of historic newspapers.

Recent/New Listings – Over 300 new items listed since the catalog above went to print.

History’s Newsstand Blog – Featured Post: – Innocence… Flag Day 1921 – This Flag Day themed post, in our opinion, is worthy of a gander. Additional posts from the past several weeks may be viewed at: History’s Newsstand Blog


Thanks for collecting with us.


Guy & The Rare & Early Newspapers Team

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