News worthy of the headline… Which would you choose?

February 8, 2013 by  
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Selecting the news for a newspaper’s headline must be quite challenging at times, especially when there are multiple significant events clamoring for top billing. We recently came across a Leominster Daily Enterprise, MA, April 16, 1947, which had 5 noteworthy events to choose from:

*  Execution of Rudolf Hoess, Nazi commandant of Auschwitz… oversaw massacre of 2,000,000 Jews

*  Milton Reynolds breaks Howard Hughes around-the-world aviation record in his “Bombshell”

* Jackie Robinson breaks racial barrier… 1st regular season MLB game played by an African American

* Texas City disaster (350 killed)

* Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten (from Greece) become engaged, with photo

Which do you think grabbed the headline back in 1947?To find out if you made the right choice, go to:

1947 Headline

(see the 4th image)

What if the same events occurred today?  Would the editors make the same choice for tomorrow’s headline? We’d love to know your thoughts… and reasons.

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One Response to “News worthy of the headline… Which would you choose?”

  1. Paul Sarna on February 8th, 2013 8:36 pm

    I guess I cheated because I looked at the headline first, but it makes sense because that really is a huge tragedy.
    When it comes to events happening the same day, I immediately think of the newspapers for January 23, 1973. On the previous day you had Lyndon Johnson having died, the Supreme Court ruling on abortion (Rowe vs. Wade) and George Foreman winning the Heavyweight Championship over Joe Frazier.
    In August of ’69 you get a good overlapping of events like the Apollo 11 tickertape parade with Sharon Tate (Manson) aftermath and later in the week, ongoing Manson coverage along with Woodstock.

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