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Monthly Newsletter ~ Rare & Early Newspapers

Welcome to the September 2020 edition of our monthly newsletter. This month we’d like to bring your attention to the following:

An Expanded Set of Discounted Newspapers – 50% Off

Nearly 200 historic newspapers have been discounted by 50%. The prices shown reflect the discount. Some of the new topics include: Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics, the 1892 Homestead Steel Strike, a record for Wilt Chamberlain, President Nixon’s historic visit to China, the Pentagon Papers, the deaths of Karl Benz, Joseph Stalin, Al Jolson, Margaret Mitchell, “Needles” wins the Kentucky Derby, Albert Einstein celebrated, and more.

New Items Added to September’s Catalog

Since Catalog 298 went to print we’ve added over 50 additional items. Some of the topics/issues include: an extremely rare issue of the Black Hills Herald (Dakota Territory), the mention of Ben Franklin in a Philadelphia newspaper from during the Rev. War, an issue which only existed for two dates, the first candidate of the Republican Party, the financial panics of 1873 and 1907, the fist black female senator appointed, the first appearances of a couple of Walt Whitman’s poems, and more.

Catalog 298

Speaking of the catalog, some links which you may find useful include:
Key Issues from Catalog 298
Catalog 298 (in “Quick Scan” format)
Catalog 298 – Priced under $50

History’s Newsstand

A sampling of some of the recent posts on the History’s Newsstand blog include:
Thomas Edison defends his light bulb in 1879…
Celebrating Edison and his electric lamp just moments prior to the Stock Market Crash of 1929…
A series of posts from a previous staff member…
More than what meets the eye – “hidden” categories on our website…

Newly Discovered Items

Items which have been listed on our website within the last 30 days.

Thanks for collecting with us.


Guy Heilenman & The Rare & Early Newspapers Team

Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers . . .
           . . . History’s Newsstand
“…desiring to conduct ourselves honorably in all things.” Hebrews 13:18b
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