Scientific American & The Columbian Exposition… A novice’s discovery…

March 3, 2022 by  
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As a new staff member and a novice to the hobby, until I started looking closely at an 1893 volume of the Scientific American Supplement, I had no idea that the Chicago World’s Fair was also called The World’s Columbian Exposition in honor of the 400-year anniversary of Columbus’ voyage.  I did some digging and found that it ran from May 1st through October 30th, which made the June 3, 1893 issue even more promising in terms of content.  The publication does not disappoint.

The front page displays The Exhibit of Windmills & The Palace of Agriculture in grand imagery. Page 3 has: “Notes from the World’s Columbian Exposition” detailing each building and display followed by intricate pen and ink illustrations of new inventions from engines and locomotives to potato planters.

How fitting for an expo honoring the man who jumpstarted America to also honor those who continued to move her along.

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2 Responses to “Scientific American & The Columbian Exposition… A novice’s discovery…”

  1. Craig Tompkins on March 18th, 2022 3:13 pm

    Surprised to hear this info ? I am a avid fan of the Columbian Exposition, having collected many items of ephemera. I have a collection of all of the ticket’s and all of the stamps that the postal service commemorated to the event. it was quite an affair to behold. I live near Chicago and there are many buildings still being used from the Exposition. The Field museum and the Art Institute as well as the Grant park area.
    I was lucky to purchase around 15 years ago the fair book for the 2 years that it ran. Quite an interesting book as it has many outdated weird things that would make people shutter today !!! It had 3 pages on training your horse and 8 pages on beating you wife in the proper manner according to what she had done !!!!! WOW !!! History is very strange and scary at the same time ! Please check out the history ! Thanks Craig

  2. Laura Heilenman on June 10th, 2022 11:19 am

    Thanks Craig. I’ll need to dig deeper.

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