Today’s Front Pages… a nice newspaper app…

May 28, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

A newspaper collector recently brought to our attention a nice newspaper-related app:

“For iPhone and  iPad users there is a fantastic App for collectors. The Newseum has an App called Today’s Front Pages. It has a full page photo of every major and most minor papers in the US and many foreign papers for that current day. So on the day a major event hits the news I can check all the major papers or the paper where the event occurred and see if the page is something I want. You can only check the current day. Even many small town papers are represented including the Sun-Gazette. Great for collectors!” Steve. K.

While the majority of collectors wait for history to prove-out which headlines are worthy of collecting, this app will allow those on the cutting edge of future collectible to be a bit more proactive.  I’ve already downloaded the (free) app for use.  You can as well at:

Thanks Steve.  If your interest still remains in past events, feel free to browse headlines through time at: