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Welcome to the October, 2023 edition of our monthly newsletter. This month the focus is on the History’s Newsstand blog, an eclectic array of names found within the list of newly discounted items, and an expanded list of bonus catalog items – to include an additional 20+ issues added within the past few days. We hope you enjoy.

Recent Posts on the History’s Newsstand Blog

The reason I (Tim Hughes) collected it:

Predicting the 21st century from a perch in 1929…

Einstein… Smarter than a 5th grader?

From the Vault – What is the best way to preserve & store newspapers?

Video Highlights from Catalog 331 (June, 2023)…

Dramatic Headlines Speak for Themselves… WWII – Attack on Los Angeles…

Snapshot 1960… From Small Beginnings (Jesse Jackson)…

This Month’s Set of Discounted Newspapers – 50% Off

This month’s set of discounted issues features mentions of an eclectic array of names, a sampling which includes: Al Capone, Charles Cornwallis, George Washington (and another mentioning his mother), Ted Williams, George Patton, Woody & Buzz, Henry Fonda, Samuel Fraunces, John Hancock, John Dillinger, Jack McGurn, Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh, John Barrymore, Ivar Kreuger, Winston Churchill and more. The issues may be viewed at:

Discounted Newspapers – 50% Off

New Items Added to Catalog 331

Since Catalog 331 went to print we’ve added over 40 additional issues including 20+ within the past few days. The entire list of new items, which can only be viewed on-line, are at:

Catalog 331’s “New Items”

Catalog 331 (in case you missed it):

The entire Catalog

Key Issues from Catalog 331

Catalog 331 (in “quick scan” format)

Catalog 331 – Priced under $50

Highlight Video – Catalog 331

As always, thanks for collecting with us!
Guy Heilenman & The Rare & Early Newspapers Team

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