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Monthly Newsletter ~ Rare & Early Newspapers

Welcome to the September, 2021 edition of our monthly newsletter. Please enjoy.

Newly Added Catalog Items (30 more added just this week) – some of the topics/issues include: a rare (1792) printing of what many consider Alexander Hamilton’s greatest work (“Report on Manufactures”), President Harding formalizes the United States support of creating a Jewish homeland, a Confederate newspaper from Grenada (Mississippi), the iconic cover of the Village Voice (shows Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Timothy Leary), a graphic issue on the battle of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 “We have forgotten God…” proclamation, a 1774 publication with the text of the “Declaration & Resolves of the First Continental Congress” (aka ‘Declaration of Colonial Rights’) in response to the hated “Intolerable” Acts by Congress, Jackie Robinson’s MLB (baseball) debut, Benjamin Franklin’s Plan for the Union (1754), and more.

Newly Discounted Newspapers ~ 50% off (through October 14th) – topics/issues include: a newspaper printed on plastic, boxing’s first world championship (with a mention of the Pony Express as a bonus, a Mormon periodical from Denmark, a French newspaper from the 1600’s, the 1778 Siege of Newport (Rhode Island) along with a map of Dominica, a report re: John Wesley in Savannah (Georgia), George Washington’s state-of-the-union address to Congress, the Jewish Year of Jubilee convention and Harding’s letter to the Jews, The Wizard of Oz debuts on television, the Death of Henry Ford, the stock market reaches 10,000 for the first time, the Battle of Tippecanoe (sorry, no Tyler too from what I can see), and more.
The Wright Brothers’ Famous Flight Encircling The Statue of Liberty (1909) – I love this collectible! I am currently reading “The Wright Brothers”, by David McCullough, and in the process was reminded of their famous flight encircling The Statue of Liberty in 1909. While we have offered the well-known Harper’s Weekly issue which covered this event, I was inspired to explore our archives to see if we had coverage in one of our titles – and voilà, not only did we have coverage, we found it in an original newspaper from New York… with multiple photos to boot. What fun! I immediately read the report and compared it to McCollough’s description of this historic event. Analysis? Spot On!
If interested, the following links provide a glimpse of our discovery:

Thanks for collecting with us.


Guy Heilenman & The Rare & Early Newspapers Team

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