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Welcome to the May Newsletter from Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers. Over the past year many newcomers have joined the ranks of those who have been inspired to collect old, rare, and/or newspapers tethered to their specific areas of interest. In fact, you may be one of them. If so, it is hoped that as time goes on your appreciation for the collectible will only grow. To this end, in addition to the links to the monthly discounts, new listings, and May catalog shown below, we thought we would draw attention to the History’s Newsstand Blog which we believe has much to offer in regard to learning about the hobby. Although it’s still a work in progress, so far we’ve amassed 5 posts designed to act as the start of a Rare Newspapers Primer. These can be accessed at:


Whether you are a seasoned or novice collector of newspapers, if you would like to suggest a topic to be included in such a “Primer”, please let us know at Thanks.

Since we’re already exploring the History’s Newsstand Blog, we kickoff our regular monthly features with links to our recent posts:

The reason I collected it: Newe Gazette van Brugge…

The month of May thru time – as reported in newspapers of the day…

You can’t always believe what you read… even when penned with good intentions…

The Whole World’s Watching: George Washington’s 1st State of the Union Address…

They Put It In Print – Immigration in 1903…

Larger Than Life – The Death of Jessie James…

Snapshot 1903 – “Jack the Ripper” in America?

The remaining monthly features are as follows:

Catalog 342 – Newly Added (Quick Scan or Full View)

Catalog 342 – Entire List (Quick Scan or Full View)

May’s Discounted Issues -50% off (Quick Scan or Full View)

Although the following appeared in last month’s newsletter, we thought it was worthy of another mention:

(Currently) Available Items From Our Personal Collection

Over the past several months we have begun to make a selection of items from our personal collection available to others. Tim Hughes is also authoring a series on the History’s Newsstand blog titled: “The Reason I Collected It”. As additional items are released over the next several years, Tim will continue to expand this series of posts. More details regarding his collection will be forthcoming.

As always, thanks for collecting with us!
Guy & Laura Heilenman & the entire Rare Newspapers Team
(including our “founder”, Tim Hughes)

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