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One of the questions we field from customers quite often is “What truly spectacular, really historic item do you have to offer?”. One of our frustrations is that with many customers having a want list some of the better items which come into inventory never make it to a catalog or our website, as they are quoted to those wanting the event and sold rather quickly.

But occasionally we come across an item which ranks near the top of the desirability list for many collectors and we offer it in a catalog or on our website for all to see, and for those not inclined to make a purchase they can vicariously enjoy the description and photos of a great newspaper which rarely comes to market.

Not long ago we added to our inventory a Connecticut Journal issue from July 10, 1776 with a rather inconspicuous report on the back page of this single sheet newspaper (verified by the American Antiquarian Society as complete in a single sheet) reading just as any collector would dream:

“Yesterday the CONGRESS unanimously Resolved to declare the United Colonies FREE and INDEPENDENT STATES.”

As the description of the newspaper notes, It would be difficult to argue for a more significant news report in all of American history. Even the printing of the Declaration of Independence itself, which likely appeared in this newspaper a week or so later, would simply be evidence of the historic news which appeared first in this issue. This newspaper reports for the first time that America resolved to be independent, while the text of the Declaration of Independence that would follow would offer the particulars.

This is one of the better newspapers we have offered in our 32 years, and certainly a great addition to any rare newspaper collection. Click here to enjoy the photographs as the entire newspaper is visible on our site.

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One Response to “Eighteenth century featured newspaper…”

  1. Don Spencer on January 8th, 2009 2:06 pm

    My daughter is doing a project for school – AN EARLY EIGHTEENTH CENTURY NEWSPAPER. The teacher has stated that marks will be given for authenticity – or making it look as real as possible. eg. they are going to the trouble of making white paper look aged. She has also said to use colour. When questioned about how the paper could look authentic and at the same time have colour as colour printing was not available 300 years ago: her response was that they were coloured by hand. Now I know that books were coloured by hand and possibly more expensive magazines, but newspapers? I find this quite impractical as per labour, time and cost requirements, even though it would not have been a DAILY paper. I thought that maybe you could shed some light on this issure for me.

    Thank You
    Don Spencer

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