The Western Lives On…

January 22, 2024 by · Leave a Comment 


I am sure there are some who would call me an old fuddy duddy… fortunately not my kids. However, as I look at the current entertainment landscape and how it is struggling to maintain its former glory, I am pleased to see that the classic Western seems to keep going strong. From people I talk with to merchandise I see at Costco and Sam’s Club, clearly Yellowstone and all its spinoffs are extremely popular! Yellowstone Ranch coffee mugs, hoodies and t-shirts are plentiful, and my husband is fully engaged with the newest series. I suppose it is not surprising that Wild West content from the day it occurred is equally popular as seen in THE TOMBSTONE EPITAPH, Arizona, August 7, 1880. These larger-than-life characters which produced headlines like: “Satan’s Gang Break Loose at an Ohio Campmeeting [sic]” capture the imagination and give us a real-life glimpse into the history of our nation as it expanded westward.

So, whether you prefer the latest TV drama or reading the paper of the day, the Wild West beckons all of us to join the adventure.