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The Traveler… Texas declares independence… Fort Miegs…

July 15, 2013 by  
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Today my journeys took me to Baltimore, Maryland, by the means of The Weekly Register dated July 17, 1813. The front page features the headline “Republic of Mexico” which was announcing the Declaration of Independence of Texas. “We, the people of the province of Texas,…declare, that the ties which held us under the domination of Spain and Europe, are forever dissolved; that we possess the right to establish a government for ourselves; that in future all legitimate authority shall emanate from the people to whom alone it rightfully belongs and that henceforth all allegiance or subjection to any foreign power whatsoever, is entirely renounced… We feel, with indignation, the unheard of tyranny of being excluded from all communication with other nations, which might tend to improve our situation, physical and moral, We were prohibited the use of books, of speech, and even of thought — our country was our prison… We conceive it a duty we owe as well to ourselves as to our posterity, to seize the moment which now offers itself, of shaking off the yoke of European domination, and of laboring in the cause of the independence of Mexico; taking the authority into our own hands, forming laws, and of placing the government of our country upon a sure and firm basis, and by the means assume a rank among the nations of the world.”

Also within the issue is a full page map (which are rarely found in this title): “Map of the Rapids of Miami, Shewing the situation of Fort Meigs, etc”, accompanied by supporting text: “Interesting Topography of Ohio”.

~The Traveler

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