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In the past the History’s Newsstand Blog has featured posts on the upper end of the collectible: “Prices Realized” and “Most Collectible Issues“.  To kick off the new year we thought it might be nice to look at the other end of the spectrum:  “Entry Points to the Rare Newspapers Collectible”.  Throughout this month we will target examples of the least expensive collectible newspapers available for each century.

Our journey begins with the 20th century…

The following selection provides a glimpse of the wide variety of issues available valued at $15* and under.  Areas of interest include shipping, finance, theater, historic events, and more.  Many more exist on the Rare Newspapers website, but others can be found throughout the collectible community as well.  The item numbers for each are linked to corresponding images.

A World War II newspaper from the Navy Yard…
575571 BEACON, Philadelphia Navy Yard, 1944  A military paper produced at the Navy Yard with a great wealth of war-related content and a war-related masthead as well.
Eight pages, 10 1/2 by 16 pages, printed on high quality paper, nice condition. $9.00*

From the Panama Canal Zone…
579280 THE PANAMA CANAL RECORD, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone, 1928. A little magazine subtitled: “Official Publication of the Panama Canal” with a wealth of data concerning the canal and its use. Approximately twenty-six pages measuring 9″x6″. $12.00*

World War 1…
161488 OFFICIAL BULLETIN, Washington, DC, 1918. An unusual newspaper published daily by the “Committee on Public Information”, meant to keep the public informed of both political & military matters, particularly during the WWI period. Note that the photo is “generic” and the issue you get will be of a slightly different date but will have the format as shown. Sixteen pages measuring 12″x9″. Lightly browned with some minor edge tears. $10.00*

For the little child in all of us…
161498 THE YOUTH’S COMPANION, Boston, Massachusetts, 1900. A charming newspaper with several short stories for children, featuring several wonderful illustrations, an ornate masthead, and plenty of advertisements. $10.00*

In-house real estate periodical…
161495 STROUT’S BUGGY-SEAT CONFIDENCES, Boston, Massachusetts, 1911. A curious little publication by and for those working for the Strout real estate company, the “World’s Largest Farm Agency”. Printed on coated stock.  $10.00*

Movie News! Burt Lancaster & Ava Gardner…
564394 MOTION PICTURE DAILY, from New York, dated September 28, 1956. Interesting little publication for and about the movie industry, giving the latest information on the various background events of the motion picture world. Television news as well. Too much to mention. 6 pages measuring 12″x9″, printed on coated stock paper. Nice shape. $10.00*

Additional issues priced at $15* and under may be viewed at:  Entry Level Newspapers

* All prices shown were valid as of the release date of this post.

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2 Responses to “Entry point into the Rare Newspapers Collectible… 20th Century…”

  1. Warren McDonald on June 5th, 2011 11:17 am

    I would like to find a news paper as a gift for my parents. THey were married in Cleveland in May 6th, 1961

    Do you have any papers from this time period. If not in Cleveland that is fine just anything would be good.



  2. GuyHeilenman on June 6th, 2011 7:51 am

    Hello Warren,

    Thank you for the note. What we have can be found at:


    Just enter the date and you will see all available titles. You may order it directly through this link, or contact us at 570-326-1045 (ask for Doreen) or via e-mail at info@rarenewspapers.com

    I hope this helps.

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