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Welcome to the November/Thanksgiving (2023) edition of our monthly newsletter. Understanding the busyness of the season as Thanksgiving (U.S.) rapidly approaches, I’ll make every effort to be brief. However, please do not miss out on this month’s highlights:

A new Thanksgiving-themed Post on the History’s Newsstand Blog

(don’t forget to explore newspapers with Thanksgiving-related content)

Newly Added Catalog Items (full view or quick scan view)

(40+ just added inc. a handful of top-tier/rare issues such as Lincoln attends performance of John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater in 1863 and a rare 1st issue of Disneyland News)

Three “Special Items” Listed on eBay

Deaths of the Big Three: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, & Jim Morrison

The 1969 Stonewall Riot (from where it happened – extremely rare)

The Wizard of Oz – pre-release 1939 coverage w/ photo

Newly Discounted Newspapers – 50% Off (as priced)

Thank you for collecting with us.

We hope you have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving,

Guy & The Rare Newspapers Family


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The Original Catalog-Release Notice…

November’s Catalog (#336) is now available. This latest offering of authentic newspapers is comprised of over 300 new items – a selection which includes the following noteworthy issues: Lincoln’s assassination (in a Washington, D.C. newspaper), the famous ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ newspaper, Bunker Hill & Washington becomes commander-in-chief, a rare newsbook dated 1647, Paul Revere engraved the masthead, John Wilkes Booth’s final performance at Ford’s Theatre, and more.

The following links are designed to help you explore all available items from this latest edition of our catalog:

         1500-1799 (full view OR quick-scan/compact view)

         1800-1899 (full view OR quick-scan/compact” view)

         1900-Present (full view OR quick-scan/compact” view)


Top Available Items from the Past 12 Months (by Era)


DISCOUNTED ISSUES – What remains of last month’s discounted issues may be viewed at: Discount (select items at 50% off)


HISTORY’S NEWSSTAND – Recent Posts on the History’s Newsstand Blog may be accessed at: History’s Newsstand

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