Maryland’s first newspapers…

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The first two newspapers published in Maryland were both done in Annapolis, and both titled “Maryland Gazette“. The earlier of the two was presumed to have started on Sept. 16, 1727 based upon the earliest issue located, that of December 10, 1728, issue number 65. It was also the first newspaper south of Pennsylvania. It was published by William Parks until sometime in 1734, the last issue located being Nov. 29, 1734. During a portion of this 7 year enterprise however, the newspaper was in suspension as William Parks was in England, but upon his return in Dec., 1732 he revived the paper (along with partner Edmund Hall) under the title of “The Maryland Gazette Reviv’d “.

The second “Maryland Gazette” in Annapolis was established by Jonas Green on Jan. 17, 1745. This proved to be a much more successful venture, the title lasting well into the 19th century. During the Stamp Act the newspaper was suspended for a time, the issue of Oct. 10, 1765 headed: “The Maryland Gazette, Expiring: In uncertain Hopes of a Resurrection to Life again.”

Baltimore’s first newspaper was not until “Dunlap’s Maryland Gazette; or the Baltimore General Advertiser” which began on May 2, 1775, it lasting until 1792 although interrupted from 1779 to 1783 while the printer was in Annapolis, where he established the fourth newspaper with “The Maryland Gazette” in its title and the third so titled in Annapolis.